VISION:   'Lake Alive with Dreamtime Knowledge

                                                     Waves of Learning

                                                  Sailing into the Future'



          MISSION:      You are the light of the world, let Jesus shine through you to others"

                                      'To work in an environment of mutual respect for cultures and

                                            backgrounds, celebrating the Gospel principles in order

                                                              to achieve quality education for all'


        SCHOOL PRAYER:       Lord, bless our school.

 May it always be a place where we are reminded of your great love for us.

 As we work and play together, help us to follow the example of St Francis Xavier,

 who spent his life telling people the Good News of your love.

 May this love be shown in our families, in our care for one another

 and in the joy of our classrooms.        Amen.






 LC CREW SPREAD THE WORD!                                 

Spread the Word is a 2012-2014 project of Arts OutWest that promotes healthy lifestyle and raises awareness of chronic disease to Aboriginal communities in the NSW Central West. This Local Community Campaign was developed with funding from the Australian Government through the Department of Health and Ageing.  Saint Francis Xavier are proud to be involved.

Click here to read our Smarter Schools National Partnership plan