At St Francis Xavier maintaining a Catholic ethos of the school is our number one priority when accepting enrolments. It is recognised that families from other faith traditions bring their own richness and faith experiences which in turn enrich our Catholic community. 

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The Principal will interview families seeking enrolment for their children.  At this interview families must give a firm undertaking that they will accept and support the life, nature and identity of the Catholic School, including the participation of their children in the Religious Education program of the School.

In accordance with Archdiocesan policy no child will be denied Catholic schooling because of an inability of parents/carers to pay fees or levies.

Families of children enrolling in Early Stage 1 must submit a copy of their child’s NSW Health Department Immunisation Certificate within the first two weeks of the school year.

School Fees

The level of School Fees is set annually by the Catholic Education Office and the School Community Council. We try to keep the level of fees to a minimum. Accounts are forwarded to families within the first three weeks of each term for payment within thirty days. Families experiencing financial difficulty are encouraged to speak confidentially with the Principal, who may be able to make arrangement for a remission of some part of the fees. Fees are paid per family, per term.

School Fees for 2018

Tuition Fee


Resource Fee (per family per year)


Maintenance Fee




Cleaning Fee